Yesterday I was asked a question about roadworks round the Parish and I wasn’t able to give a tremendously satisfactory answer.  The main reason for this is that we, the Parish Council, can only post up road closures and restrictions for those roads, streets and lanes where we have been notified.  If a utility company decides to do some urgent work we won’t know until one of our ‘eagle eyed’ residents tells us.

There is a website that purports to updated links to roadworks daily – this is the one for our Parish for the next two weeks. You don’t have to sign up but bookmark their page and you can see what is about to happen.

Screenshot 2019-08-19 at 06.54.48

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Utkinton and Cotebrook Neighbourhood Plan

The first Neighbourhood Plan consultation meeting was held today at Cotebrook Village Hall and, thus far, just under 10% of the survey forms have been returned – with some very positive responses and some interesting comments have been made.  These will all be taken into consideration as the process evolves.

You, too, can have YOUR say! By simply completing the form that was enclosed with the draft plan and returning to one of the boxes located in the foyer of Rose Farm Shop, the Cafe and Hairdressers in Cotebrook or direct to the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group care of ‘Bramble Bank’ on John Street in Utkinton.

The next formal public consultation is being held on Saturday 7th September in Utkinton Village Hall between 2pm and 4pm.

Following that, the Steering Group will collate all the comments prior to discussions with the Parish Council and then with Cheshire Community Action and Cheshire West and Chester.

This is an important milestone for our Parish and its future, so please let us know what you think.

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Planning Application – Pool Head Cottage, Cotebrook

We have been notified of the following application:

19/02732/FUL | Single storey infill extension to link into garage conversion, two storey front and first floor rear extension and front porch | Pool End Cottage Oulton Mill Lane Cotebrook, Tarporley CW6 9DT

Please use this link to go to the CWaC Planning web page to look at and comment on the application;

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Neighbourhood Plan – Public Meetings – revised date

An apology – the date for the August meeting should have been 17th not 27th August’

Two dates have been booked – come and have your say and listen to the responses thus far.

Cotebrook Village Hall – Saturday 17th August: 14:00 – 16:00

Utkinton Village Hall – Saturday 7th September: 14:00 – 16:00

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Neighbourhood Plan Consultation

By now you should have received two documents – the ‘Draft Plan’ and a ‘Comments Questionnaire’.  Getting these to every household in the Parish is the start of a six-week consultation process during which you can have your say on the various policies that have been drawn up.  These policies are based on the original consultations and the ‘Vision and Objectives’ documents that more than half of the Parish has completed since 2016.

So, we would ask you to read through the document and make comments against the relevant questions on the separate paper.  You can comment on items you would like to strengthen, add items that you believe should be included and suggest amendments to any of the policies.  We hope there is sufficient room on the ‘Comments’ paper but, if need be, use an additional sheet.  It may be that more of your family or household wish to comment, in which case there is an additional sheet that you can download below.  Once complete we would greatly appreciate you adding your name(s), age(s) and gender(s) and then dropping off the forms at one of the three collection points;

  • Nicole James, Hairdressers in Cotebrook
  • Rose Farm Shop in Utkinton
  • Bramble Bank, John Street, Utkinton

The six-weeks will be complete on the 6th September, and during the period of consultation we will arrange some local public meetings at which we can feed back the results and get your comments.

Following that the Final Draft will be submitted to Cheshire Community Action and then Cheshire West and Chester Borough Council for validation.  Once passed by these validations a Final Neighbourhood Plan will be submitted to an Inspector who will comment on it and then it will be subject to a Parish Wide Referendum.

We really appreciate your help and guidance in making this Utkinton and Cotebrook Neighbourhood Plan a document we can all be proud of.

You can download the Draft Plan and the ‘Comments and Responses’ from the links below as both Word and PDF format.  If you wish you can email ‘Your Comments and Responses’ to, or print them off and deposit them at any of the drop off points shown above.


WORD FORMAT               New Master NP 005

PDF FORMAT                    New Master NP 005




Tony Dahill

Chair, Utkinton and Cotebrook Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group


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Planning Application – Heathfield Cottage, Utkinton Lane 19-02428-FUL

This is an application to demolish and existing sandstone dwelling almost at the junction of Hollins Hill and Utkinton Lane.  The relevant documents can be found on the CWaC Planning Page but are listed below;

Application Form -3593702

Supporting Planning Statement









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Willington Lane Road Works

Cheshire West and Chester Borough Council

Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984

Temporary Road Closure

Willington Lane Tarvin & Kelsall Ward

Willington Lane – From Willington Hall Entrance to Sandstone Trail / John Street

Notice is hereby given pursuant to the provisions of Section 14 of the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984 the effect of which will be to prohibit traffic on the following lengths of roads in Tarvin & Kelsall Ward to enable Willington Lane Carriageway repairs works to be carried out by Cheshire West and Chester Council – Willington Lane- From Willington Hall Entrance to Sandstone Trail / John Street

Nothing in the Order shall prevent driving upon the said lengths of road of any vehicle which is being used for the conveyance of persons goods or merchandise to or from any premises situate on or adjacent to the lengths of road or in connection with agriculture building construction works of repair and the like or use in an emergency of vehicles for fire brigade ambulance or police purposes. A through route will not always be available and any vehicles not requiring access to properties on the length of road should use alternative routes.

The closure will come into force on 23rd July 2019 and will be in force for a maximum of 5 days. It is anticipated that the work will last for approximately 3 days.

For diversion route, please see attached plan

Kieran Collins (Ref TRO 4522) Place Operations

Highways Office, Guilden Sutton Lane

Guilden Sutton, Chester

Cheshire CH3 7EX

Tel: 0300 123 7036


17th July 2019

Screenshot 2019-07-17 at 15.15.50

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19/01315/OUT – 4 dwellings on Fox and Barrel car park.

The Parish Council has submitted its formal objection on behalf of the Parish and residents.  You can view it by clicking on the link below:

Objection to Revised 19_01315_OUT by UCPC    (PDF Version)

Objection to Revised 19_01315_OUT by UCPC   (Word Version)

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Marian’s Afternoon Tea!

What a delight it was!  In a beautiful setting (Les worked so hard) and with some scrumptious food to boot.  Marian is a tireless worker for Cotebrook St John, the Village Hall and also our Parish Council and her dedication showed. Held in aid of St John and The Holy Cross the audience was entertained by Alan Hague with some classic tracks from our youth – he deserves to be heard by more.

Well done everyone.

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Utkinton and Cotebrook Community Bus Services

We had a fairly lively discussion at Parish Council  last night, about the current transport provision and, whilst we have posted this before, it is worth doing so again.

Each Tuesday and Thursday you can get from Utkinton to Cheshire Oaks and back and have sufficient time to spend there (around 2 1/2 hours) and still be back in time for tea…  Unfortunately your bus pass is only valid on the return journey, but it’s a good service nonetheless.

We also have a local Community Car service whereby, if you join the scheme, you can book 24-hours in advance and get a round trip for £5.00 – last year almost 650 trips were taken.

Both services are outline below.

Current Community Transport

Over the next couple of months we will be asking all residents of Tarporley Ward for their views as to what they need from a community bus – watch out for the surveys online of a questionnaire dropping on your doormat.

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