Virtual Parish Council Meeting

These are unusual times and the Parish Council recognises the reluctance of parishioners to attend public meetings in the light of ‘social distancing’.  So, on Tuesday 14th July Utkinton and Cotebrook Parish Council will be holding its first ‘Zoom’ meeting at 7:30pm.

If you wish to participate, please contact our Clerk on and she will send you the necessary invite and instructions on how to join and participate. Members of the Public are invited to participate in the first 15 minutes of the meeting.

The outline agenda is set out below:

UCPC Virtual Parish Council meeting Tuesday 14th July 2020 @7:30pm

Outline Agenda:

  • Public Open Forum – any public request to attend needs to be done by emailing for the Zoom meeting ID & password in advance.
  • To approve any apologies of absence
  • To receive any declarations of new interest.
  • To approve and sign minutes of Parish Council meeting of 10th March 2020. NOTE ALREADY APPROVED BY EMAIL
  • Cheshire West & Chester Council Matters
    • To receive report from elected CWaC Councillor.
  • Neighbourhood Development Plan (Incorporation Footpath Project)
  • Planning Applications:
  • 07.07.1 To note applications received and agree a response to the following applications.
  • a) 19/02428/FUL Heathfield Cottage, Utkinton Lane, Utkinton, Tarporley, CW6 0JH    Replacement dwelling (includes demolition of existing cottage) APPROVED
  • b) 19/01869/FUL Cave Bank Farm          Part demolition of existing dwelling (orig. timber frame), re-modelling of dwelling & addition of 1st floor accomm. APPROVED
  • c) 19/02541/OUT            Land at Tarporley Road, Delamere     Erection of Detached Dwelling APPEAL DISMISSED
  • d) 19/01315/OUT            Land adjacent Fox & Barrell    Erection of four dwellings APPEAL POSTPONED
  • e) 19/04545/FUL Sidebottom Farm, Stable Lane, Utkinton        Two storey extension, conversion & extension of barns to create two dwellings, erection of two garage/stores AWAITING DECISION
  • f) 20/00023/FUL Ridgehill Cottage, Fishers Green, Utkinton     Single Storey rear extension. APPROVED
  • g) 20/00167/FUL Hollins Hill Farm, Quarry Bank, Utkinton        Single storey extension  APPROVED
  • h) 20/00710/FUL Eaton Lane Cottage, Eaton Lane Tarporley     Extension to side to create annexe AWAITING DECISION
  • i) 20/1702/FUL   The Cottage, Utkinton Lane, Utkinton 3 dormers to roof AWAITING DECISION
  • j) 20/01835/LDC Moss Cottage, Utkinton Lane, Utkinton         LDC for construction of tennis court, lighting & fencing AWAITING DECISION
  • k) 20/01974/FUL Cotebrook Wastewater Treatment works A49 Tarporley, New Ferric Storage & Dosing Kiosk.AWAITING DECISION
  • l) 20/02139/FUL 20/02140/LBC Land Adjacent 16 Northgate Utkinton            Construction one detached dwelling. AWAITING DECISION
  • Finance Matters
    • 07.08.1 To agree accounts for payment and note the accounts paid since 10th March 2020
    • 07.08.2 To approve the Annual Governance Statement in the AGAR (Annual Governance and Accountability Return)
    • 07.08.3 To review and approve the 2019/20 Accounting Statements in the AGAR internally audited by Phil Sanders.
    • 07.08.4 To approve the Certificate of Exemption in the AGAR
  • Highways Matters
    • 07.09.1 To receive an update on the current Highways issues
  • Reports from Working Groups
    • 07.10.1 To receive verbal report re the Quarry and Greens including Quarry Wood on Tirley Lane
  • 07.10.2 To receive verbal report re the Community Orchard and Picnic Area including an  update on CWaC’s current position on land disposals
  • 07.10.3 To receive and discuss the Business Plan for Forest School project
  • Website/Communication/Newsletter
    • 07.11.1 To receive a verbal report re website/communication/newsletter
  • 07.11.2 To receive a verbal report on Open Reach
    • Shuttle Bus
  • 07.12.1 To receive a verbal update.
    • Appearance of the Parish
  • 07.13.1 To receive a verbal update
  • 07.14.1 To receive any correspondence
    • Councillors updates on Council Matters
  • 07.15.1 To receive any updates from Councillors;
  • 07.15.2 to receive an update re COVID from the Chair
  • 07.15.3 To receive an update re Sanitiser from the Chair
  • Date of next meeting
    • Tuesday 8th September 2020 Utkinton Village Hall (subject to confirmation)
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Dog Fouling in the Parish

We were approached by a resident who does quite a bit of walking in the Parish with a complaint about dog fouling on Quarry Bank in Utkinton.  Quite apart from it being against the law (see below) it is unsightly and on a walking route for children coming and going from the local primary school.  Despite these two pictures being of dog poo in two plastic bags, this is still against the law – we welcome walkers and their dogs in the Parish but as them to respect others.

Dog fouling

Cleaning up after your dog

It is important when cleaning up after your dog to:

  • always carry bags to clear up after them – a simple plastic bag will do the trick or get a poop scoop from a local pet shop
  • dispose of the bag correctly by either using a dog waste or litter bin or taking it home and placing it, suitably wrapped, in your own bin
  • not dump the bag in a hedge or elsewhere as this is littering which carries the same penalty as dog fouling
  • encourage the dog to ‘go’ in your garden, you can then bury the mess or clean it up and bin it
  • never let your dog out alone to ‘go to the loo’
  • always worm your dog regularly, vets normally advise worming dogs every three to four months.

You can get small quantities of bio-degradable poop-scoop bags, free of charge from one of our customer services centres.

It is every dog owners duty to clean up after their dog. There are no excuses, fouling is unacceptable.

The law

The Cheshire West and Chester Council (Fouling of Land by Dogs)(General) Order 2017 makes it an offence not to remove any faeces deposited by your dog. This removal must be done without delay. The Order applies to all open air areas in the borough and where the public have access, even if warning signs are not displayed.

The exception to this is Forestry Commission land or other land where the owner has given permission that faeces needs not be removed. The Order does not apply to people who are blind and those with other trained assistance dogs for specific disabilities.

The offence carries a maximum penalty of £1,000. You may be given the option of paying a £80 fixed penalty notice if paid within 14 days or £50 if paid within 7 days. If a fixed penalty notice is accepted you also avoid a subsequent criminal record, if found guilty.


Apart from the legal consequences of dog fouling, there are health implications.

  • symptoms vary but, in severe cases, partial or total loss of sight may occur or Toxocariasis which is caused by worm eggs being ingested.
  • getting dog mess into wounds may also cause infections.

children should be taught basic hygiene and not to let dogs lick their faces or hands

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Planning Application – 16 Northgate, Utkinton

The Parish Council has received notification (today 5th July) of a Full Planning Application for a detached dwelling in the garden of 16 Northgate (Lower), Utkinton.

This is the link to the application on the Cheshire West Planning Portal – Planning Application – 16 Northgate, Utkinton

The Parish Council will be discussing this at the virtual meeting to be held via ‘Zoom’ on Tuesday 14th July at 7:30pm.  Residents are welcome to join in during the Public Session and if you would like to do so please email the Parish Clerk at If you would wish to comment to the Parish Council please use the same email link, or comment direct to CWaC Planning via their website.  For reference we have been informed that any comments, responses to this application need to be with CWaC by 27th July.

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Changes to Parish Council meeting on 14th July 2020

Given the requirements of the Pandemic vis-a-vis social distancing and public meetings it has been decided to make the July 2020 Parish Council Meeting a ‘virtual’ meeting using ‘Zoom’, an online meetings forum available on PC/Mac/IoS and Android platforms.  This is hosted by our Parish Clerk and Chaired, as normal, by the Chair of the Parish Council.

The minutes of the last meeting and the Agenda for 14th July will be posted on this website and the three notice boards at Utkinton Village Hall, Rose Farm Shop and adjacent to the ‘book box’ on the A49 at Cotebrook.

Should you wish to participate or have a comment related to anything on the Agenda or have a specific issue you would wish to raise, then please email the Clerk on and she will send you the directions as to how to log on and ‘attend’ the Public and Parish Council sections of the Meeting.

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Planning – Application Cotebrook

A new full planning application has been submitted by United Utilities, it can be found by going to this link at CWaC  20/01974/FUL | New ferric storage and dosing kiosk | Cotebrook Wastewater Treatment Works A49 Tarporley Cheshire 
It will located to the rear of Woodlands Close, Cotebrook, approximately where the smaller of the two greens was.  It will be discussed by the Parish Council at its next meeting on 14th July, but the ‘deadline’ is the 15th, so if you wish to make comment please do so direct, copying the Parish Council please.
Screenshot 2020-06-25 at 18.04.56
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Recycling Centre Update

Please see attached the latest Recycling Centre update received from CWaC;

FINAL HWRC stakeholder update 4 June 2020

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Reopening Utkinton Village Hall Tennis Court – 30th May 2020

The relaxation of the ‘rules’ regarding outdoor pursuits is good news for those of you who are members of Utkinton Tennis Club and who play on the court behind the Village Hall.  As of this Saturday 30th May the court will open for ‘play to resume …’

There are some restrictions on what we can do and they are shown in this info-graphic taken from the Lawn Tennis Association (LTA) advice to public and municipal courts across England.

So, if you want to book a session on the court then talk to Kath Dahill on 01829 733701 and she will ensure that, if you are a member or want to join, she will provide you with the pass code for the gate.

All we ask is that you keep within the ‘rules’ and only tennis will be allowed.

Please keep safe.

Reopening 30 may

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Notification of Planning decision -19/02428/FUL

Attached is the notification of Planning decision – Approval – for 19/02428/FUL – Replacement Dwelling at Heathfield Cottage, Utkinton Lane, Utkinton.


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Household Waste Recycling Centres update

Attached update from CWaC regarding HWRCs;

Household Waste Recycling Centre update

22 May 2020

Residents were reminded to only visit if absolutely necessary and consider how essential their trip is before setting off. The recycling centres are for the use of Cheshire West and Chester residents only.

Northwich, Neston, Ellesmere Port, Winsford and Chester HWRCs – update
After two weeks we have reviewed each of the sites and will be returning to normal
operating hours, days and traffic management procedures. These sites will return back to normal on Wednesday 27 May after the bank holiday weekend, so we can manage the expected increase in visitors during the bank holiday.

Frodsham HWRC- update
Frodsham HWRC opened on Friday 15 May, and the additional measures will be in place up to and including Friday 29 May, we will review these and determine the best way forward.  Frodsham is a busy site in the middle of the town centre, and we are currently using the Station car park for people to queue before entering the site to stop queuing on the narrow road up to the site and onto the highway. We will need to return the car park back to its normal use shortly to allow people to park.

Tattenhall HWRC – update
We will review Tattenhall in two weeks to determine if we are able to safely open the site when overall demand has decreased. In the meantime we would encourage residents to use the other sites for the initial phase of recovery, which may reduce demand and allow Tattenhall to open if and when it is safe to do so.

Opening Hours from Monday 25 May – transition to normal hours and days
Monday – extended (Ellesmere Port, Winsford, Chester, Neston, Northwich, Frodsham)
Tuesday – extended (sites as above)
Wednesday – Neston & Northwich closed ( EP, Winsford, Chester, Frodsham – 8am-8pm)
Thursday – Northwich closed ( EP, Winsford, Chester, Frodsham – 8am-8pm. Neston 9am-5pm)
Friday Neston & Northwich open 9am-5pm (EP, Winsford, Chester, Frodsham 8am-8pm)

Frodsham will remain with extended hours up to and including Friday 29 May. From Saturday 30 May sites will be operating as normal with the exclusion of Tattenhall.
Tattenhall remains closed until further notice.

Vehicle access –update
We continue to monitor the type of vehicles that can access the sites. These vehicles are
currently not allowed to use the recycling centres:
1. All vans, obvious van with panelled sides are not to be allowed.
2. All trailers are not allowed.
3. All pickups are not allowed.

22 May 2020 – Household Waste Recycling Centre update

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Plants available – helping to support UniCef

One of our resident families has chosen to try and support UniCef and they sent this Mail:

“You may not be aware that my wife and daughter have been selling plants at the front of our house – 6 Rowlands View, just opposite the farm shop entrance – from a shop (a painted pallet with shelves) we’ve called “A and F Plants”,  named after the initials of our children. All the plants have been grown in our garden, and so far we have raised just over £108 (next £40 to be deposited imminently), all proceeds of which are going to Unicef to support children who have been affected by the coronavirus. Not bad considering most items are between 20p and a £1!

you can see the page here:

A very colourful display

It has been wonderful to get the support of the community – and i wondered whether you would be able to put a note on the website to see if anyone has any plants (of any sort) they would like to donate to the shop. We have a target of £200, so are over half way there, but are running out of plants!!!

Please let me know if this seems possible. It is a bit of a good news story, so hopefully welcome in these times.

Best Regards,

David and Faye

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