Sadlers Lane, Cotebrook

We have been advised that the above road will be closed on 4th March 2019 for work on overhead lines by SP Energy.

Please see below for more details including the diversion route.

TRO 2273 Sadlers Lane

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Community Conversations

We have been asked to publicise the following which supports Carers who care for someone who has one or more long term health conditions.

The venue nearest us is at Jesse Hughes Hall, Eaton at 11am on 14th February.

If you are interested, click below for contact and more details.

Community Conversation Flyer

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Neighbourhood Watch Schemes

There are three schemes listed for our Parish on the Cheshire.ourwatch website, we would like to make contact with them.  If you are a member, or a coordinator of one of them, please get in touch via our feedback page here:

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Parish Council Meetings

We apologise for the apparent mismatch in the start times of Parish Council Meetings – Unless it states otherwise they are always 7:30 pm. The error is caused by a glitch in online calendars.


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Utkinton Road Junction Closed

This from CWaC

Temporary road closure

Notice is hereby given pursuant to the provisions of Section 14 of the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984 the effect of which will be to prohibit traffic on the following lengths of roads in Tarporley to enable 120m of mains cable to reinforce network, works to be carried out by SP Energy Networks.

  • High Street/Rode Street – Tarporley (From No 30 High Street to No 2 Rode Street)

Nothing in the Order shall prevent driving upon the said lengths of road of any vehicle which is being used for the conveyance of persons goods or merchandise to or from any premises situate on or adjacent to the lengths of road or in connection with agriculture building construction works of repair and the like or use in an emergency of vehicles for fire brigade ambulance or police purposes. A through route will not always be available and any vehicles not requiring access to properties on the length of road should use alternative routes.

The closure will come into force on 11 February 2019 and will be in force for a maximum of twenty one days. It is anticipated that the work will last for approximately 14 days.

Kieran Collins (Ref TRO 2269)
Place Operations
Highways Office
Phoenix House
Clough Road
Cheshire CW7 4BD
Tel: 0300 123 7036

Screenshot 2019-02-11 at 15.23.34

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From our Borough Councillor

Eveleigh Moore-Dutton has given us a piece to use – it is reproduced verbatim below;

“Council Tax for 2019

Currently I am wrestling with the 2019 budget setting that will determine our council tax. It is not an easy task, it requires a lot of reading and asking of questions and thinking. The Labour Administration is proposing a 4.9% increase which will be pretty much the national average given rising demands for children’s and elderly care budgets set against the government-imposed cap. The Opposition has expressed “disappointment” in the size of the increase but has not published any alternatives that I can find.

You will soon be told that residents’ main concerns are with emptying bins, cutting grass, cleaning the streets and dealing with fly-tipping and littering but I think this is only half the story. While these services are undoubtedly important, I believe that we are all very concerned about the growing number of children needing protection from abuse or neglect across the borough. Every child only gets one go at childhood.

Home to school transport budgets are also under severe strain as well.

I believe we care too, about the ever-growing number of elderly people – our family members or neighbours – who need basic daily assistance with dressing, eating, washing, isolation and loneliness. The number of people suffering from dementia is rising and must be taken into account.

We need safer roads; across the rural roads of this ward there are some shocking roads that will continue to deteriorate unless something is done soon. Here in Utkinton I am especially aware of the dreadful condition of John Street, Tirley Lane, Knight’s Lane … When I have waded through the budget, I find that there are worrying proposals to cut the budgets of Highways, Environment and Neighbourhood Services by £285,000 p.a. This doesn’t sound, to me, like our roads are going to see the much-needed improvements soon!

I would like to propose that the council should not cut the Highways budget but that it would be better to cut out the unloved District Advisory Panel meetings and the unnoticed “Talking Together” Council Newspaper. I would also like to see a proper consideration of whether the Council really needs to own three golf courses. They do offer exercise opportunities and, no doubt, earn some rental income but are they really necessary? I would prefer to see investment in improving pavements so that our older residents in particular, will feel safe walking in the village!

I am certain that there are other efficiencies and savings that can be made but they are always relatively small and take time to deliver; the needs are immediate and pressing.

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Burn’s Night Supper

Cotebrook Village Hall are hosting a Burn’s Night Supper, for tickets please contact Judith Jones 01829 760513‬‬‬.  Hurry as there is limited availability.

screenshot 2019-01-24 at 12.58.43

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20 mph zone in Utkinton

The scheduled installation of the 20 mph zone signs is taking place today.  I have driven the ‘course’ and they appear to be where they said they would be.

Please take care.


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Going ‘potholing’ …

Apropos the state of our roads, someone shared this with us – a touch of humour surrounding a problem that needs addressing. If you know of a pothole that needs urgent attention (the definition is a hole greater than 40mm [1 1/2 ” in old money] deep) then try this link on the CWaC website. –…

screenshot 2019-01-22 at 12.14.06

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CWaC gritting information

Councillor Moore-Dutton posted this on her Facebook feed and I thought it worthy of posting on ours as well as here.  The link to CWaC’s page that shows the routes they will grit in advance of a ‘Beast from the East’ (or any other direction) is here GRITTING INFORMATION .

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