Kelsall Medical Centre & Wellbeing Hub

Please see the attached which we received from Kelsall Medial Centre.

They are keen to set up a Wellbeing Hub and below is their proposal.


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Neighbourhood Plan, ‘V&O’ household survey

You should, by now, have received the excellent survey produced by the Steering Group. But now its down to you.
There is a tight timescale and the Steering Group has done everything it can to make it easy to complete. The outcome, and our Neighbourhood Plan, depends on your input to ensure that our two communities develop and evolve in the way that you want.
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Utkinton Quiz Night tonight 13th October – Village Hall

Its a £iver (soooo cheap) to get in, there are refreshments and a licensed bar, some great prizes to be won and a raffle to.

The questions are a mix of difficult and fiendish – you could call them fiendishly difficult.


7:30 Utkinton Village Hall

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An Inspector Called

(With apologies to J B Priestley)

I am reliably informed that an Appeal Inspector called at Rose Farm to view the field we have come to know and love as ‘Northgate Field’ .  She (for it was a lady from Macclesfield) spoke to the owner of Rose farm Shop who offered to help with  access to the field and also to view from FP15 and FP17 – this as there was livestock moving around.  

In accord with the ‘rules’ he was not allowed to discuss the appeal with her and so she looked at the site from, we believe, Rose Farm car Park, the field to the east of Rose Farm and then went down the ‘Steps’ into Northgate and from there, who knows where.

The matter is now totally out of our hands and we cannot influence the decision, but the lady Inspector assured Mr Johnson that any submissions to the Inspectorate will be taken into consideration.

Thanks to all who participated.

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NDP ‘Vision and Objectives – Survey October 2018’

On this page you will find two documents that you can download as part of the Parish wide consultation aimed at identifying residents’ views based on the issues they raised in 2017.

Final Vision & Objectives – this a word document and you can download it to use to respond

Final Vision & Objectives – this is in Adobe PDF format and can be downloaded

This statement has been issued by the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group:

‘Thanks to the overwhelming positive response when we first told you about our Neighbourhood Plan – nearly half of all parishioners responded within the deadline – we have now put together the Vision and Objectives for the Plan, based entirely on what you told us were your priorities.

Getting our vision right and clarifying our objectives is the next vital stage on our journey to achieving our Plan –  and we are hoping for another great response from you.  Over the first week of October forms for you to complete will be sent out to you personally by hand.  Once you have completed them please drop them off in the boxes provided at both Village Halls, or at the Rose Farm Shop; or if you prefer just put them in the Freepost envelope.  

Members and supporters of the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group, joined by your Parish Councillors will be contacting you to encourage you to respond and to answer any questions you may have.

This next stage, Vision and Objectives, sets out what you have told us are your priorities for the future of the Parish.  You will see when you receive the forms that they have been broken down into five headings.  These are:








There will be plenty of space on the forms for you to add your own comments, to emphasise something or bring something new to our attention. Please feel free to do so.  

Remember the deadline for responses is the 16 November.  

Once we have your responses, and this time we want to break all records by hearing from all of you – we will start the drafting of the Plan.  

The Plan will be a powerful means of helping you to steer the future direction of  the Parish.  Planning authorities and developers will be obliged to take our vision and objectives into account.  It will also acquire legal status and be an essential part of how the Parish grows and changes.

 Before the Plan is formally adopted and comes into force there has to be a Referendum and this will be held in the second half of 2019.

You may wish to know who is helping manage the whole process.  There is a Steering Group, which is Chaired by Tony Dahill of Bramble Bank in Utkinton and members include Marian Atkinson from Cotebrook and Carol Weaver,  Graham Spencer and Vicki Ratchford  who have all brought with them considerable expertise in planning and community-related issues.  Ian Priestner represents the Parish Council on the Steering Group.

If you want to join us on the Steering Group please contact Tony Dahill.

Your Parish Council, chaired by Frank Tunney, is responsible for ensuring the process governing the Plan and the management of the budget is handled effectively.”

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We have mentioned this before, and it will feature in the forthcoming ‘Courier’ (due to hit your doormats this weekend) and here is a web-link to a CWaC survey. Its easy to complete so why not do it online? 

Community transport survey

The aim is to get your views on the community transport services available across the ward and they really count.

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Northgate Appeal – update

Good afternoon,

First a ‘Thank You’ to those residents who submitted responses to the Inspector and to the Utkinton Green Space Action Group, the Steering Group of the Utkinton and Cotebrook Neighbourhood Plan and finally the Parish Council for some dashed good submissions.  All we can do is await the outcome.

The PINs website shows that the Inspector may make an unannounced and unaccompanied visit to and around the site on 9th October (maybe subject to change) and, having spoken with them, an anticipated date for a decision is mid-November, so all we can do is wait patiently for the outcome and cross every digit and phalange that it goes our way.

On behalf of the Parish Council

Frank Tunney – Chair

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Doorstop Vendors

Dear residents of Utkinton and Cotebrook,

Over the last few weeks we, your Parish Council, have heard  stories of residents being harassed by vendors at their doors.  We have taken advice, and our advice to you is to ignore a knock on door, chances are these people work in pairs, while one is attracting your attention the other one could be round the back,or in your back door.

If you feel uncomfortable at all ring 999, DON’T HESITATE

Regards Councillor Roger Barnes

on behalf of your Parish Council.

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Northgate Appeal Documents

The Parish Council has produced a set of documents in support of the decision by CwaC to refuse the Outline Planning Application (17/01595/OUT) on the grounds of Landscape Distinctiveness.  These documents are available here or on the Cheshire West ‘Simple Search‘ page.

In essence we believe (as do the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group and the ‘Green Space Action Group’) that this development will do irreparable and irrevocable harm to the landscape of the village and the ASCV ( Area of Special County Value) in which it sits.

We hope that you take the time to read them and that you agree with the comments and rationale that the organisations who are trying to maintain the village’s (and the Parish’s) distinctive feel.

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20MPH Speed Limit in Utkinton

Further to previous posting and the notices placed around Utkinton, we have received a Traffic Regulation Order Notice from Cheshire West and Chester Council.

Please note the closing date for objections is Friday 28th September 2018.

20 MPH speed limit notice

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