Housing Needs – Telephone Survey for Cotebrook

We have been made aware that a company called ‘ARC4’ are conducting a telephone survey (from 013880744257) about housing needs in the Parish.  We have been in contact with ARC4 and they are conducting this on behalf of a client who is looking to develop land in the area. We do not, at this stage, have any more details but believe that CWaC are aware.

Since posting the original ‘blog’ we have had communications with CWaC and the survey is: “…in relation to a potential planning application for the former Cotebrook School site. When developers are considering a scheme for affordable housing on a rural site such as this, we ask they provide evidence of need for the type of accommodation they wish to provide. Arc4 have been commissioned independently by the land owner … Advice has been limited to undertaking a housing needs survey rather than whether this site is suitable for development.”


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