State of our roads, speed and safety issues

Road maintenance:

This isn’t meant to be ‘having a go at’ CWaC as they are stretched trying to keep the hundreds, if not thousands, of miles of roads maintained, but we can do more to help them.  CWaC have a reporting system for potholes et al and it can be found by going to their website and clicking on the link to ‘Report a Highways Fault’.

This will enable you to accurately pinpoint the problem or issue and these are then logged on to CWaC’s system and a Network Steward (hope we have that name right) will investigate.

Speed and Safety:

Similarly, we at the Parish Council, are contacted by residents who are concerned about safety on rural roads and highways and, at the most recent Council meeting a resident of Cotebrook brought up the issue of the junction of the A49 and the B5152 (Stable Lane) where a growing number of accidents to property and vehicles is being experienced.  Unless we, the Parish Council, are notified and there is ‘hard’ evidence then CWaC and the Highways Team are powerless to do anything about it.

If you have a particular ‘black spot’ that you would wish to report, please do so through our ‘Feedback and Contact‘ page – we will respond and make sure it is brought to the appropriate attention.

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2 Responses to State of our roads, speed and safety issues

  1. Bronwyn kelly says:

    We have reported a few potholes through the CWaC system and can report that thery investigate and repair very quickly.


  2. I had a meeting with CWaC about the amount of water flowing down Quarry Bank from the old well and the drainage pipe. Once we have a resolution I will post it here.


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