Drive-round 22 March 2016

Nick Parker and Frank Tunney did a thorough drive round a few days ago and pulled together a list / Table of the stuff we think needs to be addressed.  We’d like to have your comments and to be able to mail it to CWaC Highways ahead of them coming to visit us on the 12th April.  The table is below and if you could refer to the item by number if you wish to comment.

Road/street/location General Comments Specific actions
1 Stable Lane: Cotebrook – junctions with A49 and Briar Lane The road markings, whilst still visible are showing their age with, for example, the ‘SLOW’ marking immediately after the entrance to Stable Lane heading north being reduced to ‘LOW’ and the lane markings almost completely worn out.

In general the warning markings and end of road/junction marks require attention.

Whilst it is recognised that the heavy rains have washed out gravel, this requires to be swept up. Briar Lane is pretty bad.

Road signage (Utkinton Lane and Stable Lane) needs attention as they appear to have been struck.

2 B5152: Utkinton Lane – Heaths Lane Overall the road surface is ‘OK’ but the banks have been eroded by vehicular and animal traffic and, just above the Pumping Station and at the lower end of Holbirch Slack there is much sign of erosion. A great deal of litter is in evidence.
3 B5152: Saddlers Lane Junction Visibility and road markings leave a great deal to be desired. The sign for Saddlers Lane is almost hidden and in need of attention.
4 Heaths Lane – Quarry Bank The upper part of this road is particularly badly ‘pockmarked’ and potholed and in need of some substantial attention.   Particularly the large did where water gathers after periods of rain.
5 Heaths Lane: Quarry Bank – Tirley Lane Whilst not in bad condition there is considerable damage to the verges as road markings are being eroded.

There is no village boundary sign.

6 Tirley Lane: Heaths Lane – Quarry Bank Tirley Lane is in very bad condition. There are many pot-holes and the verges are substantially eroded and, in some cases, non existent. The lane is not wide enough for two vehicles and this causes for passing vehicles to move to the verge, causing damage. Large, agricultural vehicles use the lane frequently and this contributes to significant damage. Road markings at both ends are almost non-existent. A number of road grids are silted up due to much mud on the road.
7 Quarry Bank: Tirley Lane to John Street The lane and junction markings at the entry to Quarry Bank from Tirley Lane are inadequate.

A large depression in a roadworks across Quarry Bank at this point has sunk and will erode further if not attended to, due to the amount of private and commercial traffic up and down Quarry Bank.

8 John Street: Quarry Bank to Tirley Garth Whilst the surface is adequate the overall situation is that this is a narrow lane that experiences heavy flows of traffic. As with others the road/lane markings are inadequate. There is no village sign at the boundary of the village.
9 John Street: Quarry bank to Big Field Lane A very congested road, with many cars parking on pavements and in the road leading to issues with Weaver Valley Housing Trust vis-à-vis parking in the area of the garages (unadopted). UCPC is currently in discussion with WVHT re the potential for providing extra parking where the grass is currently opposite garage entrances.
10 John Street: Big Field Lane – Wood Lane Broadly speaking this is the main traffic thoroughfare through the village and is suffering excessive wear and tear. Road markings are eroding faster and there is a drainage issue at the junction with Smithy Lane. The existing 30mph sign needs some attention. There are pockmarks at the lower end of this section.
11 Wood Lane: John Street/Utkinton Road – Oak Tree Farm (village boundary) No sign to tell vehicles they are entering Utkinton.

Overall the road, which experiences high flows of traffic, is adequate but road markings are not. There are two road signs that have not been cleaned or maintained for some time and are covered in algae.

12 Smithy Lane: Utkinton Road – Hall Lane Generally a very narrow, single track lane but the road surface is adequate until the bend just after ‘The Smithy’ where it gets covered in mud from agriculture. There are no signs to indicate a slippery road (when it rains.)
13 Hall Lane: Smithy Lane – Utkinton Road Generally in reasonable condition, junction markings need attention
14 Utkinton Road: Hall Lane – Heaths Green Generally in reasonable condition, lane and junction markings need attention
15 Heaths Green A cul-de-sac that has little traffic except for residents – reasonable condition apart from Junction markings.
16 Ridge Hill: Utkinton Road – Fishers Green Road Recently resurfaced this road is already suffering from the central part becoming encrusted with mud and gravel from the agricultural traffic. It requires constant attention (from the farmers?)
17 Fishers Green Lane In pretty bad condition with verges being eroded, some significant potholes and mud/gravel encrustation.
18 Northgate (lower and ‘The Steps’) The Steps themselves have recently been cleaned by CWaC but it has become apparent that the lower levels are adopted footways (according to CWaC’s maps) and are in need of additional hardcore and drainage.
19 Northbrook Road Generally reasonable but with some evidence of manholes beginning to sink below the surface of the road. Road markings hardly in evidence and, given that this is often a through way for parents at the school, these need to be in place
20 Quarrybank: Tirley Lane – Rowley Farm Significant erosion has taken place on both sides of the road from water coming off the fields on the north side and the old well opposite ‘Swaledale’ which was recently cleaned by CWaC but the drains were not flushed through to below ‘Spring Cottage’ so the overflow continues. In terms of the flows off the farmland to the north, the land owner had agreed to divert the flows from land drains towards an existing grid and this should reduce the flows. Once these works are complete then the verges and haunches to Quarrybank will require significant attention.
21 Quarrybank: Rowley Farm – Knights Lane Here again the road surface is less than adequate with evidence of silted drainage grids and much potholing. As we did the drive round a CWaC contractor was seen putting tarmac(?) into one pot hole / verge erosion and simply ‘tamping’ it flat with a shove – despite there being a roller on the vehicle.
22 Knights Lane: Quarrybank – Hollins Hill Not in bad condition but large amounts of litter in evidence – road/junction markings require attention.
23 Hollins Hill: B5152 – Utkinton Lane Generally OK but with attention to road marking and junctions. Large amounts of litter and detritus below Knights View. It is not known whose responsibility this is.
24 Utkinton Lane: Hall Lane – B5152 At the western end, close to Utkinton Hall, the lane is in dreadful condition with many potholes and verges in a parlous state. The road is very busy `and road markings are required. There is no village boundary signage (for either Cotebrook or Utkinton).
25 Mill Lane: Utkinton Lane – A49 A very narrow (unsuitable for HGV) lane where the central elements are becoming encrusted with mud, gravel and, on its upper reaches, there is evidence of grass/weed growth in the encrustation.
26 A49: Mill Lane – Saddlers Lane Generally OK but lane markings are being eroded and there is evidence of manholes sinking outside Alvanley Arms and also the hill below ‘The Fox and Barrel’.
27 Saddlers Lane: A49 – B5152 This is often used as a ‘cut through’ and suffers from erosion and encrustation plus it often becomes a dumping ground for ‘fly tipping’. Junction Markings are almost non-existent.
28 Eaton Lane: A49 – village boundary Generally OK but beginning to show signs of wear. Road markings require attention.
29 Oulton Mill Lane: A49 – village boundary. There is a 30 mph sign just before the junction with the A49 that is leaning. Otherwise it is beginning to show signs of wear.
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