Speeding through our Parish

At the PC meeting on Tuesday we hosted the CWaC Highways Team and a heated discussion ensued about the level of speeding in the Parish and we were asked to publish the results of a ‘Speed Indicator Device ‘(SID programme that we did in 2014.  So here are the results:

Vehicle Speeds in Cotebrook and Utkinton

During May and September (2014) members of the Parish Council undertook, as part of the commitments in the Utkinton and Cotebrook Parish Plan, to measure and report on the level of speeds of vehicle going through the two main roads in each village.


What came out of the study is that of 1,613 vehicles measure on the A49 in Cotebrook 62.9% (1,015) we measured at on or below the statutory speed restriction of 40 mph and 37.1% (598) were travelling at above the speed limit – the fastest being measured at 51mph.

Measurements were taken at a point just above the Fox and Barrel pub and the speed sign coming south on the A49.


Similarly, they measured traffic in Utkinton on three dates 19 May, 20 May and 18 September and, whilst the overall percentages are similar this is purely coincidental, the results stand as:

John Street North – 59.8% (152) on or below the 30 mph speed restriction and 41.2% (102) above with the highest speed measured at 37mph.

For John Street South the figures were 73% (54) on or below the limit and 27% (20) above with the highest registered at 35 mph.

For Utkinton as a whole the figures were 62.8% (206) on or below the speed limit and 37.2% (122) above the speed limit.


The Parish Council has agreed to debate these figures and to discuss the options with the Highways Department and the Local Police to see if any better method of speed restrictions can be implemented in order to secure the safety of all residents.”

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