Defibrillator in Utkinton

Two parishioners, Judith and Michael Grant, are donating a defibrillator unit to be located next to the notice board outside Rose Farm Shop and the Parish Council Gratefully accepted this magnanimous gesture and thanks Judith and Michael.

However, we need to raise around £700 for the cabinet to house it securely and to have the unit professionally installed. If you believe that you are able to help with sponsorship and/or donations (as little as £1.00 but as much as you can afford) please get in touch via the Feedback section of our web pages.  All contributions will be acknowledged.

In addition we need to consider having as many residents trained in their use and are also considering a ‘First Responder’ course – if you would like to be involved please get in touch.  This is a vital aspect of village life – particularly so given the distances that emergency services have to travel to get to the village – every second can count.

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2 Responses to Defibrillator in Utkinton

  1. Elizabeth Sirett says:

    After watching an item on tv about heart defibrillators, I googled to find out where our nearest is located. The website has a search facility but the Utkinton defibrillator does not appear. I gather that a defibrillator needs to be registered with heartsafe so that individuals can locate one in an emergency. I see on the Parish website there is one located at Rose Farm Shop. Perhaps this should be registered and a clear sign at the entrance.


    • Thank You Mrs Sirett,

      Your comment is much appreciated, we will Check and see. We believe it was registered when it was installed, but your comments suggests it wasn’t.

      Francis Tunney


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