Northgate ‘One-to-One’ consultation

The consultation by Vivio on behalf of Marcol referring to the Northgate Outline planning application was held in the Village Hall today and though sparsely attended the architect was made aware of the strength of feeling in the village.  He has offered to hold further individual consultations and these can be arranged by contacting them on

They are keen to understand the options for the future and understand that the PC and 31 individuals recorded their objections.  He did reveal that the telephone survey by ARC related to Housing Needs was, in fact, related to Northgate and housing needs across the Parish – when the company indicated that it was for Cotebrook only. The number of properties on the revised plan (8 ‘market’ and 14 ‘social rented’) was based on that housing survey.  If you, or your household, responded to that survey we would like to hear from you to better understand their data.

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