Road Maintenance and resurfacing

One of the continuing issues with rural roads is that they take a long time to be maintained and we have two that are particularly problematic – Heaths Lane (the upper part) and Tirley Lane (from Heaths Lane to Quarry Bank).  Both have been input to the CWaC Highways Maintenance Schedule and we recently received this from the ‘Network Steward’.

Just to update you on Heaths Lane and Tirley Lane, Utkinton. Both roads have been added to the list to apply for funding for resurfacing. The roads are due to be surveyed at some point in the summer, and from that we will know if they have been awarded the funding or not.”

This doesn’t mean that they are imminent but they are moving up the list.

If you wish to make a comment on any of the roads in the Parish then it is easy to do so through CWaC’s ‘Report a Highways Fault’ web page.  To find it click on the CWaC homepage using this link CWac Homepage, then scroll down the page to the ‘Report a Highways Fault’ and click on the link, this will open a map page with some fairly clear instructions as to how to report a fault (see below).Screen Shot 2016-05-27 at 11.09.17

Once you have reported the problem then you should get an email confirming its receipt.

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