Utkinton Tennis Club – Newsletter

Thank you very much for renewing your tennis membership. 

The new lock will be in situ from Sunday 10th July (giving existing members a couple of days to make sure you have the new code. Contact Judi Jennings if you need the new code.)

As in previous years it would be appreciated if you don’t share the code with non-members.  The reason is that we use the membership fee money to get the court cleaned and kept in a playable condition each year (the cost of this is in the region of £500.) As you might appreciate every membership fee is needed to be able to facilitate the cleaning.

Last year the lock was damaged by it being forced (I think after it had become a bit stuck over the winter months) so a new one will be in place this weekend. Again a plea the locks aren’t cheap to buy so if you can please ensure that you secure the court with the lock  after each use this would be great and if there any problems with the lock please let me know.

Unfortunately a hole as developed near the back of the court due to some subsidence and we are currently looking at getting this repaired as soon as possible.

Some of you have asked about tennis coaching and from now until mid September we have access to a tennis coach for lessons. Luke is a qualified coach currently studying Sport Science and Exercise  at Loughborough University, but he is back in Utkinton until September. If any of you wish to book any lessons then contact Luke directly. 

Thank you for your continued support, we hope you have a good  season playing tennis.

I am sure we will all feel inspired after watching the Wimbledon finals at the weekend.



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