A Plea to Parents, Children and Residents

This is an unusual post – simply because it covers a number of issues in one go.

First up is the issue of playing football on the multi-sport court. Kids are exuberant and there are quite a few youngster who want to play football with a relatively hard ball – but the court isn’t designed for that kind of play and the rules of being members (after all the court is maintained through the fees paid by families to play tennis)  state that the use of the court for football and other such sports is through the use of a soft ball. There is a recognition that the village is sorely lacking when it comes to playing of games and the only other space is the primary school playing field.  Here is what the head had to say; We are back to the clause again!  (Here the Head is referring to a clause in the lease between the Dioceses and the Council/School) The field is only meant to be used by the children of the school under supervision for sports activities.  However, I have no issue with children using it of an evening (as long as they treat it with respect e.g. no litter or damage- we’ve had issues with this in the past).  It has been difficult in the past as the lady who lived next to the field constantly complained (and knew about the clause).  She has moved and the new lady seems reasonable.  I can’t give them ‘permission’ to play on the field, but I can turn a ‘blind eye’ as long as it doesn’t create issues.” 

So if its your kids playing football, please ask them to have a little consideration for the court and also the neighbours – try to get them up to the playing field but just remember to keep the times up to, say, 8:00 whilst the daylight persists.

Next – I know that parking close to the school is a problem and that some see this as an imposition but if we want the school to thrive then parents from around the area will bring their children to what is an excellent school environment. But the head related two recent telephone calls where residents of the village were complaining and suggesting; ” … that all the children should walk to school on their own from the age of 5 to solve the traffic problem!”

On both occasions the calls were anonymous and not at all pleasant so, if you are a parent and bring your children to St Paul’s by car please remember to park appropriately and walk your children up the footpath (see below).  Its also worth residents remembering that the school depends on parents who might not live close to the school to bring them to school by car – a bit of commonsense by all concerned would be worth applying. So if you are one of the residents who complained – talk to the school face to face, or bring the matter up at a Parish Council meeting, after all we all have to live in the same space.


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