Northgate Consultation

Just to reassure those residents who made comments in the recent CWaC Planning Consultation for the numbers cast (and there were some duplications where secondary comments were made by individuals) were as follows:

  Total May July
No of individual Properties 48 25 342
No of Individuals who commented 63 32 52
Total individual Comments 93 35 58
Parish Council Comments 2 1 1
Total Comments 93 35 58

Source: CWAC Website ‘Simple Search’ 25 August 2016

It needs to be pointed out that even though there may have been multiple comments from the same household, they all count, simply because they are submitted by individuals. So, if we take the number of households (properties) from where a ‘vote’ was cast (48) this represents a 24% response by household. Looking at individuals – even though some may have commented in both May and June and some more than once in each consultation, the number is 63 and this represents 15% of those on the electoral register (the Parish Council comments are not counted in the numbers above).

It may be that late comments might be included – all we can do now is to wait the decision of the Planner but the discussions and argument are likely to continue.

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