Utkinton Tennis/Multi-sport Court

We received this heartfelt plea from Judi Jennings, the lady who manages the court and subscriptions et al, it sounds like the facility is being misused by a few and this is spoiling it for the majority.  So if you are one of the misusers, please help.

Hi everyone

A  couple of things

1. The lock from the tennis court has gone missing. If you have inadvertently taken it home by mistake(easily done if put inside a tennis cover etc) could you let me know asap, as it will be another expense to have to buy a replacement.

2. It has been brought to the attention of the committee that there are people using the facility who are not members. Generally these are “teenage boys” who just want to play football.

There are a few issues with this:

(i)The court area is not meant for football to be played with hard footballs(as in the rules of the facility)

(ii)Everyone should be a member to use the facility as the money from the membership goes towards the up keep of the court. When questioned the individuals said they had been given the code to the court by a friend.

Please, please, please can you ensure that the code is not shared with any non-members and if a game of football is to be played it is on the field opposite the school.

(iii) Over recent weeks litter has been left on the court area and the white plastic chairs which have been provided so that there is some seating have been thrown around the court area which as you will appreciate is not acceptable.

There is obviously a wish for the facility to continue and be part of the village but the village hall committee have suggested that if the management of the facility continues to be an issue then the facility will be closed.

I am sure you will support me in not wanting this to happen so it would really be appreciated if you could support this by making sure the rules are abided by and if anybody is able to help in any way by doing a little bit of tidying up and generally helping to look after the facility it would be very much appreciated.

If you have any comments on what you feel we could do to make sure we retain the use of the facility drop me a line.

Thanks everyone and I hope you have managed to play some tennis whilst dodging the showers over the summer.


Judi Jennings

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