Past Utkinton Parish Councils

As you get more ancient you have a tendency to look back and for the past few years family genealogy has become important, but then I got to realise that I knew very little about our village and started looking into its history.  For example, the Parish of Utkinton was officially made a Civil Parish in 1866 (that’s 150 years ago) and it includes the hamlets of Cotebrook (partly in Rushton until 1936), Fishers Green, High Billinge, Hollins Hill, Heath Green, Quarrybank and Rowley Bank.

The population was 458 in 1801, 500 in 1851, 463 in 1901, 507 in 1951, and 651 in 2001 and 710 at the last census in 2011.

The Parish Council records start in 1936 – so we have been making decisions for over 80 years.

But what I cannot find, as yet, is who was on each successive Parish Council in the intervening period – I have some names of Chairs; Graham Stewart, Tony Dahill, Barry Campion and Stanley (Stan) Downham but would love to know who else was on the parish council and to get some of their memories.  Can you help?  If so please get in touch with me here

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