Utkinton school suffers in cuts

The recently announced £22m cuts in CWaC’s schools budget means that our school is destined to lose:


This is disgraceful and shameful.

We have a great school, some wonderful teachers and this will push us further down the route of unsustainability.  That we are struggling to find room for a childrens’ playground, have no playing field, no scheduled bus services and no footpath to Tarporley means that the village will become less attractive to young families.

Why is the school the highest loser in CWaC? We don’t want it justified, we want it reversed.

You can post to the petition here http://www.schoolcuts.org.uk/#/

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2 Responses to Utkinton school suffers in cuts

  1. Antoinette Sandbach MP says:

    Rather than signing the petition please email me at antoinette.sandbach.mp@parliament.uk to be kept informed. This is a consultation on a new funding formula. For the last 18 months I have been part of the F40 group which includes CWaC Council calling for fairer funding for our local schools. clearly the new formula is not right which is impacting on nearly all the schools locally. I have arranged a meeting with the head of education from CWaC and the Minister on the 22 February and a local primary head and a secondary head will also be at the meeting, I wrote to the school to alert them of this isue, as I did with every headteacher in the constituency. I am doind what I can to help, but the important factor is to find out what in the formula is having the impact locally.


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