Issues with BT land lines

Just been told by BT that there is an underground cabbling fault in the Utkinton village and it won’t be fixed till 7th February.  If you are affected can you let us know via the feedback page please.

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3 Responses to Issues with BT land lines

  1. Susan SInclair says:

    Our phone seems to have been cut this morning. No dialling tone after an odd call where when I answered all I got was the sound of dialling out! Super fast Broadband (so far) unaffected.


    • Hello Susan, I spoke with another resident (also BT) yesterday and they said they had been of since Friday 27th. After long ‘chat’ sessions with BT call centre I’ve had three diagnoses and three dates when it will be fixed – they simply don’t know what the issue is … shocking really.


      • Susan SInclair says:

        Our carer reported that there are three OpenReach vehicles at the bridge over the A49, and traffic lights, so they’re obviously working on it.


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