The state of Quarry Bank

We had a site meeting with the builders ( of the two properties on Quarry Bank this afternoon.  This was following a number of complaints over the way in which the verges have been subject to heavy vehicles and have deteriorated.  Paul Lockwood, the MD, has committed to reinstating the verges on both sides of the road and says that it should be done within three weeks.

It is natural for there to be some disruption where building is concerned and particularly when new drains have to be taken across the road.

Mr Lockwood accepted the complaints and apologised for any upheaval and appreciated the patience of road users and the immediate neighbours.

Should the situation change then we will keep you informed.


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4 Responses to The state of Quarry Bank

  1. Eveleigh says:

    Well done Frank. These things are often best dealt with at a very local level


  2. Susan Sinclair says:

    Some of the damage further up Quarry Bank is due to local tractors as well as the large construction vehicles. Mud spread across the road from the verges is reducing the width of the road for walking as well as driving.


    • Having looked at it in some detail and would tend to agree, the contractors have agreed to reinstate up to the second house tor sale board. There is an additional problem higher up Quarry Bank near High Billinge House, where the road surface has collapsed. United Utilities are looking to repair it.


  3. I got this response from Paul Lockwood of Lockwood Construction:
    Hello Francis,
    I have started to level off the verges as a first stage of the reinstatement, obviously this is going to be ongoing over the next few weeks.
    I have had a meeting with all my operatives today to stress the importance of maintaining a clear road and there will be a collective effort from us all.

    Have a good weekend.

    Paul Lockwood
    07793 555 555


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