The saga of Quarry Bank continues … Update

Went to see what is happening and it appears to be a cracked and broken drain pipe flowing down and across Quarry Bank and this has caused the substrate to erode and when heavy vehicles drive over it (lgv, tractors, builders etc) it causes damage. They don’t have a completion date yet as they have to trace how far the damage goes. So it isn’t a spring, or the pond but drainage.

‘Diversion’ signs have been set up but drivers are still ignoring them!!

The contractors for CWaC have started work in earnest this morning and, having inspected the ‘sinkhole’ it looks like it has been a long standing collapse waiting to happen.  There is a constant stream/trickle of water coming from close to the pond on the west side of the road and it is crystal clear – pointing to either the pond or a spring or other pipe work.  If you have any information please let us know.

The damage to the verge and the wall on the East side adjacent to High Billinge Barn is extensive – caused by drivers not respecting the ‘Road Closed’ signs.  In particular we would like to thank the van driver who managed to dismantle the sandstone wall.

Screen Shot 2017-04-10 at 12.24.59

Please bear with the contractors, they are doing their best to fix this.

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1 Response to The saga of Quarry Bank continues … Update

  1. Sue Sinclair says:

    This morning (25 April) it was just waiting for the road to be resurfaced – the hole has been refilled, and a new manhole put in place.


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