Planning update (iii) – Northgate, Utkinton 17/01595/OUT

We have just received notification of an outline planning application for the land south of Northgate and East of John Street in Utkinton. The new application (the previous one for 22 dwellings was formally withdrawn) is for 5 ‘market’ houses and 7 ‘affordable/intermediate’ dwellings.

The reference on CWaC’s planning page is 17/01595/OUT and whilst we will be convening a public meeting you can submit your comments online or by mail.

For the most recent applications 14/01729/OUT (19 dwellings) and 16/01492/OUT (22 dwellings) there were quite a few comments and objections – 31 and 50 respectively from a total of 63 households. Should you wish to comment (none of the original comments and objections will count) then you can do so by clicking on this link and entering the application number 17/01595/OUT.

The comments placed for the previous application will not stand so please, if you intend to comment, or object, or support this application do so via CWaC.

We are told that the Applicant should consult with residents et al, but whether they do or not remains to be seen.

What does it look like?

Screen Shot 2017-05-06 at 08.28.36

You can download a plan here: Proposed Site Layout Plan



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