Additional information about the multi-sport court

Hi everyone

The lock which has just been purchased and used at the court area has been damaged. It looked like it has been forced and had become jammed and the only way to remove it was to cut the lock off.
Thanks to one of the members of the club who kindly did this for me today to allow access to the court area for everyone. They have also kindly supplied a new lock which has five digits and if you are a member you can get the code from me (Judi Jennings). Thanks Diggle family.

This is the second lock that was purchased in a couple of months and has cost the club and Village Hall over £40, obviously we want to prevent having to spend out on new locks so please can you take care when using the lock and if there is a problem with the lock report it.

Now a plea to parents if your son or daughter uses the court area please can you:
1. Ensure they know the correct code as I have had three requests from young people over the weekend for the code!
2. Ensure they are familiar with the membership rule that only members should be using the court area and if they have friends who are not members using the court area they should be paying a visitor fee.
3. Explain that if they cannot gain entry they must not claim over the netting. When the lock was jammed yesterday two young people climbed the netting to use the court are which was obviously dangerous and a cause of concern. If the lock does get damaged please report it.

The sports area originally received funding to have it developed in 2005 and it was developed as “a family recreational area”. It is not a quite a full sized tennis court and is not a full sized netball court so was never aimed for competitive sport but was about having a sports area for families. Hence the family memberships. With this in  mind we really want a sports facility for families which everyone can enjoy and we have the membership and the rules  to ensure the safety and fair play for everyone.

However another plea, we are all volunteers looking after the facility and at the moment the management of the court is taking more time than normal due to people not abiding by the rules.  

Please, please can you ensure that all your family understand the rules and hopefully everyone can enjoy a summer of sports, playing with family and friends.

I will not be around as much over the next couple of months so if you do email me and do not get a response, then please can you email Frank Tunney who will help you out with any queries.

Thank everyone



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