Possible Public Meeting – Ref. Northgate Field Application

The Parish Council is considering hosting an informal public session in relation to the Outline Planning Application (17/01595/OUT) on either 6th or 7th June in the evening.  It would be helpful if you could use the Comment and Feedback page to let us know if you would be interested. It will be in either the Village Hall or another venue (TBC)

The full plans will be on show and the parish Council can offer assistance if you wish to comment on the application.  We also hope to have members of the ‘Green Space Action Group’ available for discussions

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3 Responses to Possible Public Meeting – Ref. Northgate Field Application

  1. JASON HUGHES says:

    I wish to express a keen interest in attending the above mentioned meeting. The proposed location for this housing develkpment will have a direct impact on my home location and also the education of my children.


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