‘Green Space Action Group’ – 17/01595/OUT leaflets

The GSAG have been delivering fliers and a fact sheet across Utkinton this weekend.  Just to complete the circle we are putting them online here in Word format.

We will be talking through the Planning Application 17/01595/OUT at the Public Meeting on Tuesday 6th at Rose Farm Cafe, 19:30, see you there.

Fact sheet for letter drop MAY 2017


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4 Responses to ‘Green Space Action Group’ – 17/01595/OUT leaflets

  1. JASON HUGHES says:

    Received, thank you.The leaflet highlights to me as a new arrival to the village just how much of a joke the proposal is.I will be attending the meeting at Rose farm.


    • Ann Pownall says:

      Hello Jason, I am in the process of writing a long objection to this (as I have done for all the previous objections) which will cover a lot more details. If you are interested, please see Tony Dahill (of the Green Space Action Group) at the meeting on Tuesday and he will make sure a copy is sent to you as soon as it is ready. (I am still writing it at present as there is so much to object to!) Thanks.
      Best wishes,
      Ann Pownall – Green Space Action Group


      • I can concur with Ann’s post, her objection papers are well researched and seem to touch every element. I spoke to the planners a while ago and their view was quite simple; ‘It isn’t about quantity (of objections) but the quality and understanding!’ Ann certainly understands. I will submit my own and also the Parish Council will do a formal one. Before the CWaC site went ‘down’ there had been 14, for the last one (16/01492/OUT0 there were 50.


  2. Look forward to meeting you, there is much more to this.


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