Public Meeting – 17/01595/OUT Some outcomes

Good morning all,

Just want to say ‘Thank you’ to the 40 or so who turned up last night and braved the high winds. It was a good session, or at least it felt that way with some of the public comments and also those that were made in conversation afterwards.

There is, obviously quite a strength of feeling and this needs to be communicated to CWaC before the deadline of 19th June (remember the CWaC site will be offline between 13th and 15th June).

If you need any assistance in completing your comments about this application, please don’t hesitate to ask both the Green Space Action Group and myself are happy to assist.  My email is and Tony Dahill’s is 

Just remember, it is important that you communicate with the Planners – your views are what helps make this community what it really is today.

Frank Tunney

Chair, Utkinton and Cotebrook Parish Council

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