Looking for another Parish Councillor

For many reasons, Councillor Trudy Boyle decided that it was time for her to tender her resignation at last night’s Parish Council meeting – she will be sorely missed.  So we are on the hunt for a new councillor, possibly from Cotebrook as we are under-represented there.

What does being a Parish Councillor involve?

  • Let’s start with time – the time spent in PC meetings – 11 per annum at an average of 2 hours per meeting
  • Your commitment to helping the community evolve, talking to parishioners and putting forward issues that need to be resolved
  • Getting involved in planning and development, ensuring that planning applications fall into the Parish Plan and, soon, our Neighbourhood Development Plan
  • Ensuring that our assets are looked after – we have more than you imagine
  • Representing your community in what is, genuinely, the first tier of government

If you believe that you might like to talk about this then please get in touch via the ‘Comments and Feedback’ page or call our Chair on 07860 917446

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