17/01595/OUT – So Far

Its just after midnight on the 23rd June and I can tell you that , so far, 67 residents from 56 properties have made comments about the Outline Planning Application (17/01595/OUT) for Northgate field.

Many of them are very technical, quite a few display pretty emotive views and more than you might expect are fed up with this, the sixth, attempt to build on this field which seems to be very important to one and all.

From the perspective of the Parish Council and the GSAG we’d like to say ‘Thank you’ to all who took the time and made the effort to have their voices heard.

The two figures above represent almost 20% of the households in the Parish (25% of those in Utkinton) and almost one in eight residents of voting age and above.

The decision now rests with the Planning Officer at Cheshire West, but we are sure that if you are still debating whether to make a comment that it will be included.


Just to flesh out all three (OK 4) of the Marcol/Vivio Outline applications, these are the scores on the door so to speak;

Screen Shot 2017-06-23 at 14.14.33

What does it mean? Well the ‘Households’ figure represents the Households in the Parish where someone (or maybe more than one) made a comment.

The ‘Residents’ figure represents the individual residents (or couples) who commented. To put these into context overall;

100 Households or 32.5% expressed an opinion and 21% of all residents!

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