More about the Planning Process

Having been asked about the process for 17/01595/OUT – Northgate Field we thought we would upload the ‘Plain English Guide to The Planning System.

This provides an overview of Local, Neighbourhood and other Planning Applications. In particular one question relates to the time allowed for Planning Officers to come to a decision after the public and consultee consultations.  This is normally a two stage process (see below) and for applications such as Northgate should take a total 16 weeks. CWaC allowed an extended public consultation period until 22nd June and the next stage is for the Planning Officer to examine all the comments and come to a decision. This next period could be 13 weeks which would take the decision up to 21st September.

The Planning Process

Planning process from DGLC – ‘Plain English guide …

DCLG Plain_English_guide_to_the_planning_system

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