Road Closure: John Street, Utkinton

It was reported that John Street was closed from the Junction with Quarry Bank to Tirley Garth.  This is what we got when we enquired this morning;

“Dear Meritxell

We had  the area closed to make safe some defects, we have taken this of now but there will be a full closure on from Wednesday 12/07/2017 for four days there will be a letter drop for the area tomorrow and a signed diversion in place for the works.”

Kind regards

Cheshire West and Chester Council, Technical Support Team, Winsford & Northwich Highways Office, Phoenix House, Clough Road, Winsford, CW7 4BD

Tel: 0300 123 7036, Email:

From our perspective the only viable diversions are to turn left onto Wood Lane and go to Willington That way, or to turn right, up Quarry Bank, left onto Yirley Lane and follow that into Willington and Kelsall.

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2 Responses to Road Closure: John Street, Utkinton

  1. Sue Sinclair says:

    Talking to the workmen this morning (Tues 18th) we were told that they are here for the rest of this week at least! The road is open overnight from the time they leave until about 8am.

    Do we have any idea when they will ‘do’ Heath’s Lane, as nothing seems to have happened when it was supposed to have been done at the end of May.


  2. Hello Sue, we posted about the delay to Heaths Lane a while ago. It is svheduled for August and the delay was caused by an underestimation of the sheer scale of deterioration. Next up, we will be pressing for Tirley Lane


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