Utkinton War Memorial & Shrine


A key landmark in Utkinton village is the ‘Shrine’ at the bottom of Quarry Bank hill.  The French style shrine of Christ on the Cross is a First World War memorial and the style was seen in many French villages behind the front lines.

The ‘Shrine’ was placed in 1923, however, it is beginning to show signs of wear and tear, but stands as a proud statement in memory of those who gave their lives. The ‘Shrine’ is in the care of Utkinton and Cotebrook Parish Council who wish to restore it so that the inscriptions and names of those who gave their lives can be clearly read and remembered.

There are seven names from the ‘Great War’ of 1914 – 1918 and one  from the Second World War that took place between 1939 and 1945.

The Parish Council will help to fund the restoration, which is estimated to cost around £2300, and hope to have this completed by the 11th day of the 11th month in 2018 – a date that will commemorate the centenary of the ending of a conflict that changed the world we know today. The Parish Council believe it has a duty to remember these soldiers as do all in the village.

“In the morning and at the going down of the sun.

We will remember them.”

Robert Laurence Binyon (1914) – ‘For the Fallen’

 If local residents or businesses wish to help through donations they can do so by contacting the Parish Clerk who can be contacted here – your help would be much appreciated.

The Parish Council wishes to place on record its thanks for the efforts of Graham Stewart, Kathy Dahill and others who do so much to keeping this memorial in a state we can all reflect on.

The villagers of Utkinton who fell in both wars and who are commemorated on the memorial are:

  • John Craven
  • Edward Rutter
  • William Craven
  • Alec Stoneley
  • John Warburton
  • Joseph Johnson
  • Horace Hassall
  • Walter Page

If you have any information regarding any of these brave souls (pictures and background) then please forward it to our editor through this link


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3 Responses to Utkinton War Memorial & Shrine

  1. Stuart Gordon says:

    Would it be possible for the clerk to communicate to local estate agents that siting For Sale signs in the immediate vicinity might perhaps be considered as defiling the memorial?


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