Utkinton St Paul’s – work to start

We had this posted on the school’s Facebook feed and it is worth giving more visibility.

“It has definitely been the week for positive news stories! After two and a half years of work behind the scenes, we have finally had confirmation from Cheshire West and Chester Council that full funding has been awarded for the building project. We have been allocated £440,000 to complete the project, which is a significant amount more than was originally agreed. As we have led the project ourselves, all of the work in getting to this point has been carried out by us, whilst also going about our day-to-day roles.

Kevin Thompson, Miss Pleavin’s husband, has been instrumental in this and we thank him kindly. Although the time taken has been a significant amount longer than we first anticipated, the outcome will the best it can possibly be. With this being a once in a lifetime opportunity, it has always been our focus to make sure that we take full advantage of the scheme.

We are now in the process of appointing a project manager to establish a build schedule and we are hopeful that work will begin imminently. As we are notified of the order of work, we will inform parents of the various stages and impact that this will have on the community. The health & safety of our school community will remain a priority.”

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