Heaths Lane Update

The saga of ‘the long and bumping road’ (to badly paraphrase ‘The Beatles’) rumbles on. Having had an increasing number of complaints and enquiries about the state of this busy road we asked whether the scheduled October resurfacing was an schedule and got these replies;

“The carriageway resurfacing works are currently programmed to be undertaken on 16th/17th November.”

To which we responded; ‘Thank you, but I must admit to great deal of disappointment, this is the 4th date we have had and it was scheduled for October, by November the surface will be so bad that people are scared to use it.

I’ve had complaints from businesses about customers / clients who go elsewhere.  Can it be brought forward?’


“Whilst you might be disappointed, this scheme is just one of a full programme of carriageway resurfacing sites being undertaken across Cheshire West, so cannot be brought forward.  We are, ultimately, tied to when the surfacing contractor is available.

If drivers wanted to claim, then they would need to submit a claim to our Claims Team, and it would be assessed by our Third Party Claims Assessors.”


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2 Responses to Heaths Lane Update

  1. Karen Vernon says:

    The road is almost unusable and it was joke what was done when the road was closed in august! Also the diversion route via knights lane is not suitable as a diversion, it is single track and should only be used lightly, meeting a long line of oncoming traffic with nowhere to pass is hopeless. Does the council realise this?


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