School Consultation – Utkinton & Huxley becoming federated

We have just received notice of a consultation to formally join our primary school (Utkinton St Paul’s CofE) with Huxley – the details are shown below.  If you wish to have a say there is a link to the consultation site and this concludes on 19th October.

“As you may well know as well as being a parish councillor I’m also Chair of Governors at Huxley CE Primary School.  Over the past few years Huxley Primary School has been working ever closer with Utkinton St. Paul’s C.E. Primary School.  In fact both schools already share a head teacher.   Our intention is now to formalise this arrangement and to Federate with Utkinton school.   The federation process requires consultation with the wide community.   A letter has been sent to parents, and the following article and will go in the Sept/Oct Parish news. (Ed. note that is the Huxley Parish News)

The governing bodies of Huxley C.E. Primary School and Utkinton St. Paul’s Primary School confirm that they are in agreement with a proposal to federate and are seeking the views of parents, carers, staff and other stakeholders on the idea of establishing a federation between the two schools from 1st November.

Each school will maintain its individual character, status and ethos so that it can continue to serve best the community within which it is situated. The schools will be known as Huxley C.E. and Utkinton St. Paul’s C.E. Federated Primary Schools. However, there will be no change to uniform, the schools will retain separate budgets and the children will still be educated at their current schools. The two schools have successfully collaborated for a number of years, sharing staff, resources and supporting each other to improve and achieve the very best possible outcomes for their pupils. The proposal formalises the relationship between the schools and improves capacity for both schools to meet the challenges of the future.

Further details of the federation proposal are available to download from the Parent section of the school website ( ).  If, as a parent, carer or community stakeholder, you would like to express any views or comments on this proposal, please feel free to do so by contacting the school before the 19th October.


Stephen Ratledge

Chair of Governors”


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