Group email about Northgate Planning

We sent out a group email to around 140 residents this morning, if you would like to receive it, and information about this then simply fill in the content and feedback form here. It is free and you can unsubscribe at any time.

Meanwhile, here is a snapshot of the resubmitted plan.

Z:ProjectsRA1419 UtkintonB - CAD DrawingsB01 - PlanningL(81)001 P16 Proposed Site Layouts L(81)011 (1)

The essential changes are:

  • Sizes of houses
  • Layout has been revised
  • They are now showing a proposed Amenity area and Toddler Playground

If you wish to comment then go to 17/01595/OUT | Residential development of 7 affordable dwellings and 5 market dwellings with access to site from Northgate – resubmission of application  on the CWaC Planning Site.

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2 Responses to Group email about Northgate Planning

  1. Suzanne lunt says:

    Why is it just a toddler playground – there are plenty of children aged 4-11 years old who are in desperate need of a safe playground.


    • Thank you Suzanne, well put. I suppose the only way is for the community, if it feels the same, to ask the question. There may be a Parish Council meeting next week to discuss the application, or rather a resubmission of an application.


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