The Saga – Part Four

We rejoin the story with three previous episodes behind us and a new one to come.  I got an explanation, of sorts, from a contact at CWaC Highways, not the person I had written to …

Hello Francis,

I believe we spoke on the phone last Friday with regards to the works that were initially scheduled to begin on the 20th October, as per TTRO1735.

I must apologise that the works did not take place on that date, and that an incorrect notice was in place.

I sent the initial notices for the closures in the Vale Road area in August, so that appropriate road space could be booked in advance. Notices are then circulated by the admin team in Vale Royal ( this notice was circulated on the 4th October.

Subsequently there have been changes to our surfacing programme due to time lost due to inclement weather. I was aware of the change of programme but unfortunately I did not update/cancel the TTRO to reflect this.

With regards to when the works will take place, the new programme dates for the surfacing of Heaths Lane are 16th-17th November. A TTRO for these works will be issued next week.

If these dates change, I will inform you and ensure that the TTRO is corrected.

Best regards,”

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