Decision on ‘Melgarth’ looming

We posted this on the website and Facebook as well as the amendments, but a concerned resident felt it worth reiterating.

As it stands there is little that the Parish Council is able formally object to but we have expressed serious concerns about:
  • Height
  • Hedges
  • Building line
  • Over development
  • Highways
  • Overlooking

However, there is still time for concerned residents to submit objections and you have until 27th November to do so.

Having spoken with the Planning Officer (Mrs Logue) about the amendments, this is what she told us;

As this is at outline stage only, things are likely to change.  Mrs Logue did say that the Ecology and Biodiversity teams would be looking at hedges et al.  From the outline plans the developer is proposing to put up a wall, as against a fence.  But things can and may change.

Vis-a-vis the height of each property then that is, relatively easy to calculate – each room height is around 2.4m and the roof void half of that so we are talking about 6m – 7m from floor to pitch.  However this masks that Plot 1 will already be around 1m higher than the road already.  She did say that the distance between the rear windows of ‘Melgarth’ and the rear windows of properties in North Brook Road fell outside of the minimum (21m).”
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