Housing Needs Survey – a Clarification

The Parish Council wished to clarify that the Housing Needs Survey that most residents will have received via the post and have access to on our website, has been commissioned by the ‘Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group’ and is being undertaken by Cheshire Community Action (CCA) on their behalf.

All data collected will be used to inform the ongoing Neighbourhood Development Plan and will be held confidentially by CCA and, once complete, that summary data will be provided to the NDP Steering Group to enable them to create a draft plan for submission, alongside other data, to CWaC for inspection.

Should you have any doubt then please feel free to contact either:

Ian Priestner (UCPC Councillor responsible for the Neighbourhood Plan) on ianpriestner@hotmail.com or 07770 824388‬


Tony Dahill (Chair of the NDP Steering Group) on anthony.dahill@btinternet.com  or 01829 733701‬

Again our apologies for any confusion and we hope that you will participate in order to facilitate a successful Neighbourhood Plan for the Parish.

Kind regards

Francis Tunney – Chair, Utkinton and Cotebrook Parish Council

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