Grit Bins in the Parish

With the ‘promised’ cold weather spell, we have contacted CWaC to ensure that they are filled.

The locations of these are as follows:
  • North Brook Road/Quarry Bank – CW6 0LS
  • North Brook Road/John Street – CW600LP
  • Tirley Lane (School) – CW6 OPF
  • Junction Woodlands Close/Oulton Mill Lane (Cotebrook)
  • Adjacent to Notice Board on A49 (Cotebrook
I have also reported the fact that the lid is no longer attached re the bin at North Brook Road/John Street.
The process is that the job gets emailed to a Highways Officer and they then have 10 working days (10WD) to address the issue.
We have the job numbers and will ring them after 10WD if the bins haven’t been refilled.
Note: they had not been refilled so the job has been escalated:
They have not looked at them, so I have escalated the job.
The time frame for action is now 5WD.
Anita, our Clerk will chase them again next week.
The two bins in Cotebrook are reasonably full but will be checked after any bad weather.
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