Household Needs Survey & Environment Study

The Steering Group for the Neighbourhood Plan and the Parish Council wish to thank those residents who responded to the 2018 Housing Needs Survey (44% of you) and say that your voices WILL count.

Cheshire Community Action (CCA) will be presenting the outline results, not the final report, at the next Parish Council Meeting at Cotebrook Village Hall on Tuesday 13th March starting at 7:30 pm. 

What we found interesting were the ways in which you responded: roughly 60% by post and 40% online – this shows the levels of interest in helping to plot the ways in which our two communities can evolve – thank you once again.

At the same time Cheshire Wildlife Trust are conducting an Environment, Nature and Wildlife Study as a part of the NDP – we anticipate this being delivered in April or May – exciting times.

If you would like to hear what CCA have to say then tickets are available – space is limited – see the poster below:

HNA Meeting 3

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