Japanese Knotweed – ‘Melgarth’

We were asked to investigate the removal/treatment of some Japanese Knotweed noted on the premises known as ‘Melgarth’ on John Street, Utkinton. As we do not know exactly where the ‘infestation’ is on the property we cannot suggest remedies. If any residents know exactly where then please get in touch with the clerk or the chair and send us more information.

Our first port of call was CWaC Environmental Health and we received this response this morning;

“Good morning Mr Tunney

It is the responsibility of the existing owner to prevent the spread of Japanese Knotweed from their land, and the landowner could be prosecuted if it spreads onto anyone else’s property. However, there is no requirement for Japanese Knotweed to be removed from land, so if it hasn’t spread by the time the property changes hands, it will then become the responsibility of the new owner.

I have found the listing on Wright Marshall’s website, and will give them a ring as the wording on their website doesn’t read very well.


Jim Candlin
Regulatory Services Officer, Environmental Protection
Cheshire West & Chester Council

Phone: 01606 288691 / 07901 670655
E-mail: james.candlin@cheshirewestandchester.gov.uk

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