State of roads in the Parish

We occasionally (perhaps monthly) enquire about the states of our roads with CwaC Highways.  Given that their current parlous state was discussed at the last Parish Council we did so again and received this response;

“Dear Anita,

I appreciate the Parish Council’s concerns regarding the condition of roads within the Parish; unfortunately, this is an issue across the whole of the Cheshire West area, and we have been receiving an unprecedented number of enquiries.

Bad weather has a major impact on the amount of potholes forming, we can all see the increase in the number of potholes on the Highway Network. Potholes are formed when water repeatedly freezes and expands in cracks in the road. This repeated freezing and thawing of water on the road surface during winter can cause the condition of roads to deteriorate in isolated areas causing weakness in the carriageway and a pothole forms.

The cold weather also affects the type of repair we can carry out to eliminate the potholes. Repairs are normally carried out with hot materials in average temperatures. The cold weather means that we are increasingly having to carry out temporary repairs with temporary material due to the cold weather. Whilst these repairs are not aesthetically pleasing, they do keep the network safe and serviceable as well as keeping our residents safe from harm.

For January and February the carriageway temporary pothole repairs have increased. The location of each defect has been accurately logged and a permanent repair will be included in an appropriate programme of works, whether that be surface treatment pre-patching or a programme of patching works later in the year

With regards to last year’s DVI bids, we have not yet received the results, so currently, we do not know the priorities for Tirley Lane or the any other schemes within the Parish.

We will update the P.C. once we have received the results from our Asset Management Team.”

We, the PC,  fully appreciate the stress that winter and the most recent bad weather is having on CWaC’s Highways team but our ‘Adopt a Pothole’ scheme (see next quarter’s ‘Courier’) makes even more sense, even though we will be piling on the pressure.

Francis Tunney

Chair of the Parish Council

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1 Response to State of roads in the Parish

  1. Roger Barnes says:

    This is the only bad winter we have had for 6yrs ,i suggest bad management not bad weather the root cause of roadways


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