Plastic – what can WE do?

It’s a rhetoric question in reality. We all know there is a problem and that the focus of it is packaging. However, there recent newsfeeds, related to micro-particles made me begin to wonder … to wonder if we could start our own personal revolution by looking to make a change ourselves.  Buy unwrapped vegetables, take our own bag to the shops, look for products on glass bottles, jars or tins etc. There are communities across the UK that have taken the plastic free challenge and I will try to post some examples here and on our Facebook bages. But even something as simple as bread, comes in plastic that, I guess, isn’t biodegradable.

I wish I had an answer – but I’m feeling pretty muddled right now.

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1 Response to Plastic – what can WE do?

  1. Bronwyn Kelly says:

    Does everyone know that a milkman delivers three times a week in Utkinton? We still have our milk delivered in glass bottles – lovely and fresh and no plastic waste. It is a local Tarvin company and it can all be done online ie orders, payments etc.


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