Monarchy hole … some pictures

… and a comment.

First some pictures and the location map …

Tirley Lane is closed between Heaths Lane and Quarry Bank – please pass this on.

Water main at Monarchy Hall

Now the comment; I sometimes get exasperated when people ignore obvious road signs – especially when they say ‘Road Closed’ and are placed across the entrance to a road with just sufficient space to allow residents through. So it was this morning when a lady driver in a VW either entered Tirley Lane above the signs or simply ignored them.  She made three attempts to execute a multi-point turn, eventually managing to do so in someone’s entrance.

If it says ‘ROAD CLOSED’ then it means ‘ROAD CLOSED’ – please pass this on.  Tirley Lane between Heaths Lane and Quarry Bank is closed until they have finished work on the pipes and completed the road repair.

We will post here and Facebook when its no longer closed.


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