Utkinton WI – meeting last night

It ought to have felt strange being one of three men in a room full of women (and one of those was the speaker) but it didn’t. Thank you Utkinton WI for making us so welcome.

Last night we went as guests to hear John Cartlidge present an entertaining, informative and humorous talk on ‘The real heir hunters’ and what his role entails. John covered so much ground – literally and metaphorically – telling a rapt audience why they should do their wills, how to go about it and then illustrating the point with half a dozen, or so, stories of what happens when things go right and wrong.  Made us think.  Now where is the nearest solicitors office …

An huge thank you to the ladies of the WI who put on a lovely spread of cakes and cuppas, followed by a raffle which, I am ashamed to say, my wife and I won.

If you get a chance to go, please do, these are some of the nicest and most welcoming people in town (or should I say hamlet!) their programme of events can be seen on our front page. And, if you feel like joining in, please get in touch with Liz Hannath (01829 733778‬) or Margaret Bowers (01829 732349‬) you’ll be glad you did.

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