CWaC Site for reporting road issues

This site is where anyone, Councillors, Residents, Traders can report issues to do with the streets and roads around our Parish.

Its very easy to use.

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7 Responses to CWaC Site for reporting road issues

  1. Stuart Gordon says:

    Pothole south of Rose Farm reported and acknowledged 8/3/18. Still there 18/4/18.

    Customer Reference:
    Enquiry Number: 4822201
    Date Report Logged: 08/03/2018
    Location: John Street
    Subject: Pothole

    Are CWAC aware the road continues south of the Village Hall? 2017 North of Village Hall substantial repairs . South of Village Hall – awful road surface.
    2018 North of Village Hall – road to close for patching prior to surface dressing. South of Village Hall – appalling road surface as far as Wood Lane ignored. Pot holes acknwledged and ignored.
    Comments appreciated.


    • Thanks Stuart, our only retort to your excellent comments is that we know CWaC Highways are awaiting their allocation of funds – doesn’t make it any easier to swallow. Perhaps you can persuade others to report too. ‘The more the merrier’ (sic) as they say. We, too, as the PC will put in a broader report. The ‘repairs’ north of the VH were by United Utilities and they are back for a second ‘go’ from 22nd May. Sorry we don’t have a solution but we will keep on pushing.


  2. Stuart Gordon says:

    Thanks for your response. I am somewhat confused as to why United Utilities would have been responsible for the substantial resurfacing in 2017. I understand they should restore sections they may have damaged for mains access but the resurfaced sections had not all previously been dug up. It was simply a badly deteriorated stretch of highway. It is beyond comprehension that they would have funded the expansive stretch of resurfacing as well as where the road widens out for a short “passing place” on the approach to Tirley Garth. If they had then I am sure they would have made sure the villagers were all aware of their philanthropy.
    Your comment suggests UU are funding the forthcoming repairs. Is that correct? Why would they be funding surface dressing? They are not that charitable.


  3. Again some well thought through comments Stuart. I will check exactly who was responsible, but my information was, at the time, that it was to repair or replace some mains there. I will check it with CWaC and respond here.


  4. Just for information I have submitted an FOI request of CWaC to show just how much was spent in the last financial year on road maintenance by Parish. We are also asking for clarification of the work carried out on John St / Willington Lane last summer – once we have responses we will post them on the site.


  5. Stuart, just been informed that the roadworks from the junction of Northgate/John Street down to the junction of Willington Lane is for surface dressing. We will put up the TRO later.


    • Stuart says:


      It states that on the yellow road signs…. “patching before surface dressing”.

      Some roads in and around this village and nearby (the busy ones, Utkinton Road) are falling apart whilst others (not so busy but slightly more expensive houses) appear to be resurfaced, patched, surface dressed almost as a matter of routine as soon as the surface colour fades. As an example…. Willington Lane, Willington Road, Heaths Lane – admittedly the cows are now far more comfortable on Heaths Lane.


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