Utkinton Garden Fete – Open Meeting

Open Evening

As we are sure you are aware Utkinton is incredibly lucky to be able to hold a fundraising Garden Fete at the home of Professor and Mrs Redmond – Tirley Garth –  on  Saturday 30th June 2018.

The Fete has been running for over 50 years and is a fabulous afternoon for all the family in the stunning gardens at Tirley Garth.  

This event is integral to the village and over the years has helped to fund essential repairs to the Village Hall and infrastructure in the village in addition to support Utkinton School and the WI with their funding needs.  As with all things good the success of this event is reliant upon volunteers and community input.

If you would like the opportunity to get involved and find out about this years Garden fete we are holding an open meeting with nibbles and drinks in Utkinton Village Hall on Wednesday 2nd May at 7.30pm.  

Volunteering is a great way to get to know people and can be very rewarding knowing you have helped support your local community.

Thanks for reading

Suzanne Lunt, Utkinton PTA Garden Fete Coordinator

(‭07866 467474‬)  suzannelunt@gmail.com


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