Utkinton Garden Fete

The last day of ‘blazing June’ and it was a wonderful afternoon at Tirley Garth – so some thanks …

  • First off to Richard Francis, Suzanne Lunt, Susie Wilson, Steph Wrather, Gaz Coyne, and all the ladies of Utkinton WI who fed and watered the crowds.
  • Then to the wonderful crew of car parkers, tent erectors, table shifters and their multiple other tasks.
  • Next to all the stall-holders and their assistants for all the goods on display.
  • Crewe Concert Band for a wonderful musical backdrop.
  • Infinity Dance Group – enchanting.
  • Utkinton School Choir – brilliant.
  • Tarporley Amateur Dramatic Society for the playlet – ‘The Utkinton Boys’ – a moving glimpse into life in the Parish during WW1
  • To Reverend Georgina Wattmore and the Lord Lieutenant, David Briggs for their official opening of the event.
  • To Julie and Sadie for organising and leading the Rose Queen and to the incoming Rose Queen for being so wonderful – and to Mrs Briggs for the ‘coronation’
  • And last but never least to Professor and Mrs Redmond for allowing us to use the wonderful grounds of Tirley Garth and this year for adding a little sparkle by having so many local dignitaries to attend.
  • Oh, and you the residents of our Parish for supporting the event once again.

If I have missed anyone, my profuse apologies, but the list gets longer each year.


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