Pavement & Gully Weeds

CWaC have advised that they are beginning their program re spraying of weeds on pavements & gullies (channels on the road) week commencing 17th July and they will advise when they will be in Utkinton & Cotebrook Parish.

Should anyone wish to report issues with weeds, this can done via the link below:

Click on StreetCare pledge at the top of the page, then report Grass problems.

This will then open a form and you can select weeds from that.

CWaC have also asked that we also include where exactly the weeds are –

On the backline (at the back of the pavement near the wall of the house) or on the kerbside or in the channels (on the road) it would help us enormously.

A photograph can also be included showing the weeds.

We will publish the exact date of spraying once we are advised of this.

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