Changes to Speed Limits in Utkinton

We have received advices from Cheshire West & Chester Council that as part of their Community Speed Program, they are planning to reduce the speed limit to 20MPH on some roads in Utkinton.

Below is their notice regarding this change and details of how objections or comments may be made.

Please note that certain criteria has to be met before a road can be considered to have its’ speed limit reduced which is why for example John Street has not been included.

Reducing Speed Limits in Utkinton

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2 Responses to Changes to Speed Limits in Utkinton

  1. Stuart Gordon says:

    Any possibility of somebody enforcing 30MPH on John Street?


  2. Susan M SInclair says:

    Why bother with the 20 mph limit where they have put it – it’s not possible to do more than that on the estate roads and Quarry bank hill. John Street needs it far more, especially round the blind junction with Quarry Bank.


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