Food Bank in Cotebrook

Sometimes you cannot see what is right in front of you and when we found out that there is a Food Bank at St John and the Holy Cross in Cotebrook, it was a ‘no brainer’ that we should publicise it, So here goes.

St John and the Holy Cross at Cotebrook, operate a food bank collection on the first Sunday of every month; non-perishables such as packets of biscuits, rice, pasta, tea, jars, tins and toiletries can be left and they are taken to the food bank at Winsford by a member of the congregation.

If anyone from the parish wishes to participate, food can be left at the Village Hall during pre-school opening hours (9am to 3pm weekdays), please ensure foodstuffs are within their sell by or use by date.

If anyone wants further information they are welcome to call Marian Atkinson on 01829 760698.  This is an hugely worthwhile enterprise so please support it.

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