An Inspector Called

(With apologies to J B Priestley)

I am reliably informed that an Appeal Inspector called at Rose Farm to view the field we have come to know and love as ‘Northgate Field’ .  She (for it was a lady from Macclesfield) spoke to the owner of Rose farm Shop who offered to help with  access to the field and also to view from FP15 and FP17 – this as there was livestock moving around.  

In accord with the ‘rules’ he was not allowed to discuss the appeal with her and so she looked at the site from, we believe, Rose Farm car Park, the field to the east of Rose Farm and then went down the ‘Steps’ into Northgate and from there, who knows where.

The matter is now totally out of our hands and we cannot influence the decision, but the lady Inspector assured Mr Johnson that any submissions to the Inspectorate will be taken into consideration.

Thanks to all who participated.

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