Fibre can be good for you …

… or so they tell us.

Councillor Jason Hughes has been battling with BT Openreach for many months and has recently been successful in getting Fibre Broadband for a small part of Utkinton.  This is what he wrote;

“Hi could you please put a piece about my successful pursuit of Openreach and the resulting availability of Fibre Broadband on our Facebook page and website advising residents of Rowlands View, Including business units at Rose Farm shop that they are now able to place orders for 40 – 80 MB Speed Fibre Broadband.”

He suggests that residents contact their current service provider (e.g. Sky/ BT – although other providers are available) and either ask to upgrade to fibre or place a new order if they are not currently connected to the net. I tried this link and worked through it, but unfortunately we cannot get this yet.

Good luck and we would ask that you tell us whether you are successful.

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1 Response to Fibre can be good for you …

  1. Alastair Findlay says:

    I am in touch with Openreach at a senior level and am told that although Cheshire missed out on the last round of bids, a new round is in process and it is expected that Cheshire will have funding for upgrade. As far as Utkinton is concerned, I gather we are on the works programme and can expect a fibre connection by the end of next year.


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