Recycling … what goes where?

As an old curmudgeon, I sometimes rail against the separatist nature of waste – quite simply because of a lack of knowledge, even though I want to do the ‘right thing’.

I went looking on the CWaC website to see what can be recycled and where it should go and found this web-page that helps a great deal – Which bin or box should you use? However it puzzled me where I should put the cellophane windows so prevalent on food boxes – it took a bit of searching – but its the black bin! So, I have to do a bit of work to recycle – not really a problem, but I wish I knew why they cannot recycle this stuff in the Grey Box.

The world has changed greatly form the ‘good old days’ of throwing everything in the single bin or bag.

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2 Responses to Recycling … what goes where?

  1. Karen says:

    I agree totally, we dont recycle enough, there is enough material being thrown away, that no more virgin materials need to be used. We have the technology. We have people that need work. The so called recycle centre should be exactly that. Nothing should be sent to land fill. Nothing. Everthing should be split back down to its constituent parts. Its not rocket science. We have to look at it differently. Things just cant go on like this, we are systematically killing the planet.


    • Too true Karen. I get fed up throwing black trays and cellophane into the general rubbish bin – there has to be a better way – simply less packaging or returning to paper and using refillable containers.


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